Great tool for the right price This was a wonderful discovery to find such a great tool for the right price. Last year, I spent days removing old timber post “some that had broke off at ground level”. During this project I bought a $50 rock bar, rented a $100 a day jack hammer and ultimately a small auger tractor for $175 a day. Several days later I was able to clean out 15 post holes and repair my fence. This year, I bought and then used the Wood Post Puller and my neighbor and I were able to clean out 18 post holes in less than two hours. Two of them were broken off at ground level and we had no trouble getting them out of the ground. This was the best investment in time and money I had made ever! I strongly recommend giving this tool and method and try. You’ll save both your time and money with a very small investment. Give it a try.

 Bill K. Jr. – Georgetown, TX

Pulled five post within an hour! not Counting five minutes of stunned silence I cannot believe how well this works, great job guys

Robert W. – IL

Worked exactly as claimed on the website We had a rotted 4×4 post incased in 24″ of concrete on our cedar fence that had to be replaced. I have a tripod post-puller with a crank arm that I normally use to pull these 4×4 post out with. But because the ground was so dry it just wouldn’t pull the post out. I then decided to give your water pressure post-puller a try and after using it in about 4 places around the concrete the post came out easily. It worked exactly as you claimed on your website. The instructions sent with your post-puller and your website were very simple & easy to follow. I will definitely recommend your product to others.

John C. – Barrington Hills, IL

Best product/tool I have think I have ever bought. I only needed to insert the stake in two places on opposite sides. I then used a pry bar to wiggle the post (mine were cut off at the base of the concrete) and then what I did was hook up a come-along to a ladder over the post, drilled a small pilot hole in the fence post top and screwed in a 7/16″ eye hook and it pulled right out with ease. 17 fence posts in 5hrs.

Steve M. – Saint Paul, MN

We were both very impressed Hi, my post hole puller arrived today, Saturday.  I was not planning on it arriving so soon. I did not realize it was coming priority mail.  So my wife and I went to work, Just to let you know she is 65 and I am 68..and we are both light weights.

We haven’t had any rain since last January and the ground is as hard as the cement. I was doubting if it was going to work in our soil condition. We did not have a wooden pole attached in the cement to help with the removal like what was shown in your instructional video. With some pushing and pulling we extracted all 3 cement pole studs, one of these was for a 4 x 6 post, load very heavy with cement… 

We were both very impressed with how well your tool worked. It was amazing!  Feel free to use my recommendation.  Thank you much

 Rowland M. – Santa Cruz, CA

What a fantastic product I was a little skeptical when I bought this. I had a 6×6 post that I sunk a few years ago to act as a pier for mounting a telescope on. It was in my observatory and I needed to get it out so I could mount something a little more sturdy in the hole. Unfortunately, I only had about a 15″ x 20″ hole to work around so digging was out of the question! I happened upon this, the price was right, and it came about 3 days later via USPS. It came with a plastic water shutoff valve, so if you read the other reviews, that problem is fixed now. I had my doubts when I started and my buddy thought there was no way we were getting this post out with it. It was really stuck in the hole good! We worked at it for about 45 minutes, liquifying the dirt around the outside of it. Slowly but surely, the water ate away at the outside of it and we could lift it out! What a fantastic product. I have some old fence posts I’m going to try and remove next. Definitely worth the cost.

Chris M. – Pensacola, FL

Easiest Way To Remove Fence Posts Great experience! The item arrived days before it was expected. My neighbor and I had previously spent hours chipping at concrete to remove fence posts that had broken. With this tool, we removed a fence post in 15 minutes. Even a fence post where the concrete had attached to rocks was removed in minutes. This is a great product. It would be a bargain at twice the price! You won’t be disappointed!

Stephan H. – Austin, TX

Clean Hole  Removed 2 broken fence post in less than 10min with this fancy-dancy wood post puller tool from http://sawyerventures.com/.  Look how cleanly the post come out, which made it that much easier to set the new posts!!

Noble C. – Austin, TX

FABULOUS!!! Best tool ever.  One of my kids backed into the gate and broke off a six by six pole at the ground level.  It was cemented in the ground.  We chipped away at it for days and then I found the Post Puller.  Two guys had it out in less than an hour.  I would highly recommend this tool if you need to get posts out of the ground.

Terri P. – Raleigh, NC

A Remarkable Device I am an old (72) guy with a bad back and wasn’t looking forward rebuilding my cedar fence. I had already tried digging out a couple of posts and discovered the soil was dense, clayey and full of rocks. I was getting nowhere, so I started researching post pullers. Those I looked at all had drawbacks; most were costly and I could see I might have problems getting some of them into restricted areas. It also seemed that they all needed to attach to the post, and I knew I had several posts that were rotted off. So I was intrigued by the SawyerVentures device which I thought might work (and was cheap enough that it wouldn’t kill me if it didn’t.)

As advertised, it loosened the post right up. The construction of the puller probe is heavy duty, and the water injected into the soil allowed the probe to penetrate quickly to the bottom of the concrete holding the post. Then, since I was working alone, I just nailed a block on the side of the post, used a 2×4 for a lever and lifted the post right out. Where the posts were rotted off, I used the same method but ran a large eye screw into the rotted end of the post, ran a cable through the eye and around the end of the lever and lifted it out, again without assistance.

Peter K. – Seattle, WA

Pretty Slick This item really did the job to help me get 8 posts out of the ground that were in about 3 feet deep in 8″ diameter holes. Texas heavy clay soils are tough to dig, but this tool really helped me get the concrete plug out of the hole. I may use it to water my trees in the summer, as it is a great way to get water deep into the soil. In most instances, the rotted posts broke off, and I had to wrap a chain around the concrete plug and lift with a jack.

Eric L. – Arlington, TX

Mission Impossible This thing really works. It’s pretty well made and works as described. Soil type in my location is sandy clay. I am a retired Engineer/ Designer and I give Wood Post Puller 5 stars. I only weigh 150lbs and I am 66 years old (but in pretty good shape). 60′ of heavy wood fence come down in a gust during a tropical storm (Maui, Hawaii) and five 4×4 fence posts snapped off where they were embedded in concrete that was poured in place. I dug down about 12 – 15 inches around each one, and then used the Wood Post Puller and a Come-A-Long attached to a heavy ring lug screwed into the broken off post to pull the 5 concrete fence post bases out of the ground for replacement. Each one was about 12″ in dia x 24″+ long and weighed about 250 lbs. For the new posts I used round concrete form tubes to save on concrete and “Post Protector” sleeves to make future replacement much easier, if ever required.  Now I am going to try using Wood Post Puller to inject fertilizer into the ground for my fruit trees. Should work great!

Wes – Maui, HI

It Works  If you need to quickly pull, with minimal effort, your average house fence posts, this is the tool for you. I used it on my builder grade backyard fence, and I could pull up many of the posts with my own two hands after this tool was applied. Worth it!

Joseph J. – Kyle, TX

Great for Heavy Clay I was a bit skeptical but took a flyer on this tool after struggling for a couple of hours with digging and an A frame to try to get a post broken off at ground level removed. It really is an excellent tool. By the time a buddy and I got to the 3rd post, we had post removal down to less than 10 mins. each.

For heavy “black gumbo” clay soils in southeast Texas, we found spacing the insertion points every 2-3 inches worked well. After a little rocking back and forth, the post slid out with a little lever action from a pry bar.


Nice! I thought about renting a jack hammer after my last experience. I have drainage easements on both sides and i couldnt apply any pressure to the posts because they were so dry rotted. I even considered just paying someone even though that goes against everything I believe in as a man! Not only did the Wood Post Puller save me time I just dumped the bag of concrete in there and used that water, I also drank from it because it was so hot. Its like a swiss army knife of fence building. You’ve got a winner, thanks again!

 Matt H. – Austin, TX

The wood post puller worked great!  I had 8 posts out in about 15 minutes.  My soil is very sandy, with a thick layer of clay beginning about 28″ below surface.  These conditions allowed the water to saturate around the cement block quickly, and I was able to pull the posts out on my own with minimal effort.  I’m very happy I found your product, and glad that you were so helpful replacing the damaged unit.

 Mark C. – Jenks, OK

Too Easy The replacement shipment did arrive, and made my project almost effortless. So much so in fact, that my girlfriend had removed two posts on her own by the time I went upstairs, changed clothes and shoes and came back down. At that point I couldn’t use the, “this is hard work” battle cry to get any extra rewards or recognition, as she ran towards me pumping her fists in the air in triumph of her achievement. Thanks a lot Dan. :)

Lewis J.

Wow  After spending all afternoon to dig out 2 posts we called for help, the next morning we used the Wood Post Puller to remove the next 6 posts in less than an hour.

Mike C. – Round Rock, TX

Fast Shipping  Item delivered on time. Went out and used this past weekend and took out 25 old cemented in chain link posts that we had tried to hand dig out. They came out with only 4 posts needing some hand digging to help loosen.

Katherine W. – Parker, CO

No Problems  Received my tool Monday.  I thought I would try it out last night, allotting 30 minutes, to get out one post.  In less than that time my son and I removed three posts.  I expected problems, but with your tool, there were none.  I was very pleasantly surprised!

Jim. A. – Tampa, FL

Five Stars  Works as promised. Fast shipper!

Michael L. – Alton, IL

Good Product  Works as advertised.

Thomas J. – Flora, IL

5 star invention from the Lone Star State  This is great fun. I just got it and moved a mailbox last night as a test. In very short order the post magically came out of the ground. This is a well thought out idea and a well constructed item. Lightweight yet strong. The instructions that come with it are very clear, you really can’t go wrong. Did I mention it is fun to use ? I dug the new hole with a Seymour adjustable auger, also available at Amazon. Together they are quite a system.

Jim Q. – Richland Center, WI

5 Stars Thank you! Solved problem of removing semi-rotten wood post in tight area. Couldn’t get other post-popper to work with it. After about 5 minutes with this tool and water, we used eye bolt and chain to slide post right out, even with minimal digging around upper area of post. This allowed us room to dig after post removal, to prepare for replacement post. Saved us from much more slow, difficult and back-breaking digging just to remove post. Yay!

Andrea C.

Definitely recommend  The product has performed beyond the advertised expectations. Definitely will recommend to others. 

Joseph L. – Shoreville, MN


Eric F. – Arlington, TX

Fast Shipping  Product was delivered sooner than expected which was very helpful. 

Tony B. – Sparks, NV

Five Stars! This is a really easy way to get out broken fence posts and concrete

Karen L. – Kenosha, WI